Gladis and Francisco are a Colombian couple who came to Paris to see their daughter for the first time in the last 3 years. Due to the current health crisis, they have been stranded in France for several months spending their savings in food and accommodation. They got in touch with us because after some attempts to get on a flight back home they have finally been accepted on one for the 5th of September. However, they do not have enough money to be able to pay for the plane tickets that are 700 euros each. 

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Gracias a todos nuestros donantes, hemos logrado nuestro objetivo de recaudación de fondos.❤️

Thanks a lot to everyone who makes things possible ! We have completed our goal. ❤️

Merci à tous pour vos contributions ! Nous avons réussi à compléter le montant nécessaire pour aider cette famille. ❤️